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Are you a student looking for housing options at Central Washington University (CWU)? Look no further! CWU offers a wide range of on-campus and off-campus housing choices to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the vibrant community atmosphere of residence halls or the independence of off-campus living, CWU has something for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Central Washington University (CWU) provides diverse housing options for students.
  • Choose from on-campus residence halls or off-campus apartments near the campus.
  • Living Learning Communities offer a unique experience to connect with like-minded students.
  • There is a dedicated staff to support and assist residents in the housing facilities.
  • Be aware of important housing application deadlines and room selection processes.

On-Campus Housing at Central Washington University

When it comes to finding the perfect living arrangement during your time at Central Washington University (CWU), on-campus housing offers a convenient and vibrant option. CWU provides a variety of residence halls that create a dynamic community where students can engage with their peers and fully immerse themselves in the student experience.


Explore the different residence halls available, each with its own unique features and amenities. From traditional-style residence halls to apartment-style living, CWU offers a range of options to suit your preferences. Take a virtual tour of the halls, view photos, and compare rates to find the best fit for you.

Living on campus means staying close to your classes, events, and campus resources. You’ll be just steps away from the library, dining options, and recreational facilities. Whether you’re seeking a quiet study environment or looking to make lifelong friends, the residence halls facilitate connections and provide the perfect backdrop for your college journey.

Residence Halls and Amenities

“Living on campus allows me to be fully involved in the campus community. The residence halls provide a supportive environment where I can easily connect with fellow students and participate in campus events.”

– CWU student

Each residence hall at CWU offers a range of amenities to enhance your living experience. From study lounges and common areas for socializing to laundry facilities and 24/7 on-call staff for assistance, you’ll have everything you need to feel comfortable and supported.

Here is an overview of some of the residence halls available:

Name Type Features Rate per Semester
Gurney Hall Traditional-style Study lounges, community kitchens, and game room $3,500
Stephens-Whitney Hall Apartment-style Private bedrooms, full kitchens, and furnished living rooms $4,200
Kennedy Hall Suite-style Private bathrooms, small kitchenettes, and study rooms $3,800

The residence halls not only offer comfortable living spaces but also foster an inclusive and engaging community. Embrace the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, participate in residence hall events and activities, and create lasting memories during your time at CWU.

Securing on-campus housing at Central Washington University ensures you’ll have a rich and fulfilling college experience. It’s a chance to be at the heart of campus life and cultivate connections that will contribute to your personal and academic growth.

Off-Campus Housing Near CWU

off-campus housing near cwu

If you prefer to live off-campus, Central Washington University also offers a range of housing options near the campus. Explore affordable housing options that cater specifically to CWU students. Find apartments and houses in close proximity to the university, allowing you to have the independence and flexibility of off-campus living while still enjoying the convenience of being near the campus.

Benefits of Off-Campus Housing Near CWU
1. More privacy and personal space
2. Opportunity to live with non-student roommates
3. Access to amenities such as private parking and backyard
4. Flexibility to choose your preferred location
5. Potential cost savings compared to on-campus housing

Living off-campus near CWU provides students with a chance to immerse themselves in the local community while still being connected to the university. You can take advantage of nearby restaurants, shops, and recreational activities. Additionally, off-campus housing options often provide more spacious living arrangements, giving you a comfortable and homely environment to focus on your studies.

When searching for off-campus housing, consider factors such as distance to campus, safety of the neighborhood, proximity to public transportation, and the reputation of the landlord or rental management company. Conduct thorough research, visit potential properties, and communicate with current or former residents to gather insights and make an informed decision.

Off-campus housing near CWU offers a variety of options, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Many properties are specifically tailored to meet the needs of CWU students, providing amenities such as study areas, fitness centers, and social spaces. By exploring the affordable and convenient off-campus housing options, you can find the perfect living arrangement that suits your preferences and budget.

Student Testimonial: Finding the Perfect Off-Campus Home

“Living off-campus near CWU has been a great experience for me. I found an affordable apartment just a few minutes away from campus. It’s quiet, peaceful, and provides all the amenities I need. Plus, I have my own space to unwind after a long day of classes. I highly recommend exploring off-campus housing options!”

– Sarah Thompson, CWU student

Housing Application Process at CWU

Applying for housing at Central Washington University (CWU) is a simple and straightforward process. Once you have accepted an offer of admission, you can begin exploring the various housing options available to you. The housing application can be completed through the user-friendly MyHousing portal, which allows you to review and select your preferred housing option.


Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the CWU housing application process:

  1. Accept your offer of admission to CWU.
  2. Log in to the MyHousing portal using your CWU credentials.
  3. Explore the different housing options available, such as residence halls and off-campus housing.
  4. Review the details, amenities, and rates of each housing option to find the best fit for your needs.
  5. Select your preferred housing option through the MyHousing portal by following the provided instructions.
  6. Ensure all required information, such as roommate preferences or special accommodation needs, is provided accurately.
  7. Submit your housing application through the MyHousing portal.

Once your housing application is submitted, the CWU housing team will review it and allocate housing based on availability and your preferences. You will receive further communication regarding your assigned housing assignment and move-in details.

It’s important to complete your housing application by the specified deadlines to secure your preferred housing option at CWU. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reside in a welcoming and vibrant community that fosters academic success and personal growth.

“The CWU housing application process was seamless and intuitive. It allowed me to explore all the housing options available and make an informed decision. I found the MyHousing portal easy to navigate, and the instructions provided were clear and helpful.” – Sarah, CWU Student

Living Learning Communities at CWU

Living Learning Communities at CWU

Central Washington University offers Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to create a collaborative and supportive living environment for students. These communities bring together students who share similar interests, passions, and academic goals, fostering connections and enhancing the overall student experience.

LLCs at CWU provide an integrated approach to learning, where academic and personal growth go hand in hand. By living with peers who share common interests, you can engage in meaningful discussions, collaborate on projects, and find support from like-minded individuals.

In these communities, you’ll have the opportunity to live and learn alongside fellow students who share your passions, whether it’s sustainability, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, or arts and culture. Through shared experiences and focused programming, LLCs create an environment that encourages exploration, personal development, and academic success.

Benefits of Living Learning Communities

  • Enhanced academic support and resources
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning and networking
  • Specialized programming and events tailored to your interests
  • Access to faculty and staff who are dedicated to your success
  • A built-in support system of peers who share your goals

Joining an LLC at CWU allows you to form connections that extend beyond the classroom, helping you build a strong foundation for personal and professional growth. You’ll have the chance to develop lifelong friendships, discover new perspectives, and make the most of your collegiate experience.

“Living in a Learning Community at CWU has been an incredible experience. It has allowed me to connect with others who share my passion for environmental sustainability and has provided opportunities to engage in meaningful projects and initiatives.” – Sarah Johnson, Environmental Sustainability LLC

With a variety of LLC options available, you can find a community that aligns with your interests and goals. Whether you want to delve into STEM disciplines, leadership development, or creative arts, there’s an LLC at CWU that’s perfect for you.

Take a look at the table below to explore the different LLC options available:

LLC Name Description
STEM Scholars For students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
Leadership Development For students looking to enhance their leadership skills and make a positive impact
Global Engagement For students interested in exploring different cultures and global issues
Performing Arts For students passionate about dance, theater, music, and other performing arts
Entrepreneurship and Innovation For students interested in entrepreneurship and bringing their ideas to life

Discover the LLC that resonates with your interests and goals, and embark on a transformative journey of living and learning at CWU.

In the next section, we will explore the dedicated staff and support available within the residence halls at Central Washington University.

Residence Hall Staff and Support

Each residence hall at Central Washington University (CWU) is staffed with a dedicated team that is committed to providing support and assistance to students. The residence hall staff consists of Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs), Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs), and Resident Assistants (RAs), who play a vital role in creating a positive and inclusive living community.


Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs) are professionals responsible for overseeing the overall management of the residence halls. They work closely with the student staff, manage day-to-day operations, and ensure that all residents have a safe and comfortable living environment.

“Our goal is to create a welcoming and supportive community for our residents. We are here to assist students in any way we can and to help facilitate a positive living experience.”

– Residence Hall Coordinator

Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs) are experienced student leaders who provide guidance and support to the Resident Assistants (RAs) and the residents in their respective halls. They serve as mentors and are trained to address various situations that may arise within the residence community.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate students who live in the residence halls and serve as a resource for fellow residents. They are trained to assist with day-to-day concerns, facilitate community-building activities, and promote a sense of belonging among residents.

Whether you have questions about campus resources, need assistance with roommate conflicts, or simply want someone to talk to, the residence hall staff is there to help. They can provide information about campus events, offer guidance on academic support services, and connect you with appropriate resources on campus.

The residence hall staff at CWU is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth and academic success. They organize engaging programs and events to promote community building and provide opportunities for residents to connect with one another.

Having a strong support system within the residence halls can greatly enhance your college experience. The residence hall staff at CWU is committed to ensuring that you have a positive and enriching living experience during your time on campus.

Residence Hall Staff Services and Responsibilities

Residence Hall Staff Services and Responsibilities
Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs)
  • Manage the overall operation of the residence hall
  • Supervise and support the student staff
  • Coordinate hall programming and events
  • Address resident concerns and issues
  • Ensure compliance with residence hall policies
Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs)
  • Provide guidance and support to RAs
  • Assist with conflict resolution
  • Coordinate hall activities and programming
  • Serve as a resource for residents
Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • Serve as a resource for residents
  • Plan and organize community-building activities
  • Address resident concerns
  • Promote a safe and inclusive living environment

Housing Policies and Requirements

At Central Washington University, we have specific housing policies and requirements in place to ensure a safe and supportive living environment for all students. Familiarizing yourself with these policies is crucial to understanding your obligations and responsibilities as a resident.

One of the key policies is that all students under the age of 20, who live outside a commutable distance with a direct relative, must reside in the residence halls. This requirement helps foster a vibrant and engaged community on campus. However, there are certain criteria for exemption that students can meet to be eligible for an alternative housing arrangement.

“Living in the residence halls offers numerous benefits, including proximity to academic resources, extracurricular activities, and a built-in support system of fellow students and staff.”

By living in the residence halls, students have easy access to academic resources, extracurricular activities, and a supportive network of fellow residents and staff. This creates a well-rounded college experience that contributes to personal and academic growth.

To ensure that all students can enjoy a safe and inclusive community, we have several residential policies and guidelines in place. These include quiet hours, visitation policies, and community standards that promote mutual respect and consideration for others.

By adhering to these policies, you contribute to the overall well-being and harmony of the residential community. It’s important to remember that being a responsible resident involves being mindful of noise levels, respecting others’ privacy, and following any additional rules specific to your residence hall or apartment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our housing policies or requirements, our dedicated staff members are available to provide guidance and support. Whether you need clarification on a specific policy or assistance with finding an exemption, we are here to help you navigate the housing process.

Your Responsibilities as a Resident

As a resident of Central Washington University, it is essential to understand your responsibilities in maintaining a positive living environment. These responsibilities include:

  • Complying with all housing policies and guidelines
  • Respecting the rights and privacy of others
  • Maintaining cleanliness and taking care of your living space
  • Participating in community activities and events
  • Reporting any safety concerns or maintenance issues promptly

By fulfilling these responsibilities, you contribute to creating a welcoming and inclusive community that supports the personal and academic development of all residents.

Now that you understand the housing policies and requirements at Central Washington University, you can confidently make informed decisions about your housing options. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and enriching living experience during your time at CWU.

Housing Application Deadlines and Important Dates

Central Washington University has specific deadlines and important dates for housing applications. To ensure you secure your preferred housing option, it is crucial to stay informed and submit your application within the designated timeframe. Make note of the following key dates:

Application Opening Dates:

  • Returning students: November 1st
  • New students: December 1st

Priority Selection Periods:

  • Returning students: November 1st – November 30th
  • New students: December 1st – February 15th

Room Self-Selection Periods:

  • Returning students: March 1st – March 31st
  • New students: April 1st – July 31st

By keeping track of these important dates, you can ensure that your housing application is submitted on time and increase your chances of securing your preferred housing option. Don’t wait until the last minute – plan ahead and complete your application within the specified deadlines.

Important Dates Action
November 1st Application opens for returning students
December 1st Application opens for new students
November 1st – November 30th Priority selection period for returning students
December 1st – February 15th Priority selection period for new students
March 1st – March 31st Room self-selection period for returning students
April 1st – July 31st Room self-selection period for new students

Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar and stay updated with any additional information provided by Central Washington University. Applying for housing within the specified deadlines will make your transition to CWU smoother and ensure you have a comfortable living space during your time at the university.

Housing Resources and Services

Central Washington University (CWU) understands the importance of providing students with comprehensive resources and services to enhance their housing experience. Whether you have a maintenance issue or need assistance with financial aid, CWU has you covered. Take advantage of the following resources and services to make your stay in CWU housing as comfortable and convenient as possible:

Maintenance Assistance

If you encounter any maintenance issues in your CWU housing, our dedicated housing facilities team is available to help. Simply submit a maintenance request through our online portal, and our skilled technicians will promptly address the issue. We strive to create an environment where your living experience is free from any disruption.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Get involved in the vibrant community at CWU housing by joining the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA organizes a variety of events and programs throughout the year, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among residents. Take part in engaging activities, meet new friends, and contribute to shaping the CWU housing community.

Dining Services

CWU offers a wide range of dining options to cater to your dietary needs and preferences. With an array of delicious and nutritious meal plans, you’ll always have access to quality food conveniently located near your housing. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a balanced meal, our dining services have you covered.


Stay connected to the digital world while living on campus with ResNet. CWU’s high-speed internet service ensures that you have fast and reliable internet connectivity in your residence hall or apartment. Whether you need to complete assignments, stream movies, or stay connected with friends and family, ResNet is there to meet your online needs.

Financial Aid Assistance

CWU recognizes that housing expenses can be a significant financial investment. Our dedicated financial aid office is available to provide guidance and support in navigating the financial aspect of your housing. Whether you have questions about scholarships, grants, or student loans, our team is here to ensure that you have the necessary resources to meet your housing-related expenses.

Take advantage of these resources and services to make the most of your housing experience at CWU. We are committed to providing you with a supportive and inclusive living environment that enhances your educational journey.

Winter Quarter Housing Information

If you will be a new student starting in Winter Quarter, Central Washington University offers on-campus housing options specifically for Winter Quarter. The housing application for Winter Quarter opens in advance, and students can log in to the MyHousing portal to access and submit their applications. Be mindful of the application deadlines and ensure you secure your housing for the upcoming quarter.

Important Dates:

  • Application Opening: The housing application for Winter Quarter will open on [date] through the MyHousing portal.
  • Application Deadline: Submit your housing application by [date] to guarantee your housing for the upcoming quarter.
  • Housing Assignment Notification: Housing assignments will be sent out by [date], providing you with information about your assigned residence hall and roommate.
  • Move-In Day: Winter Quarter move-in day is on [date]. Mark your calendar and prepare to settle into your new home at CWU.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure convenient and comfortable housing for your Winter Quarter at Central Washington University. Plan ahead, complete your housing application in a timely manner, and get ready to embrace the exciting experiences that await you on campus.

Room Selection Process

Central Washington University offers a streamlined room selection process for both returning and incoming students. This process allows you to choose your preferred housing option for the upcoming academic year, ensuring you have a comfortable and convenient living space on campus.

Returning students have the advantage of participating in the priority selection period, where they can self-select their rooms. This means you have the opportunity to choose your desired residence hall and even select specific roommates if desired. Take advantage of this early selection period to secure your preferred living arrangements.

Incoming students also have the opportunity to participate in the room selection process. You will receive detailed instructions and specific dates for when you can access the room selection portal. This allows you to browse through available housing options and select the room that best suits your preferences.

Whether you’re a returning student or an incoming freshman, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the instructions and deadlines provided by Central Washington University. By following the guidelines, you’ll ensure a smooth and successful room selection process.

Instructions for Room Selection Process:

  1. Check your university email regularly for communication regarding the room selection process.
  2. Review the available housing options and their specific amenities.
  3. Take note of the selection dates and times assigned to you.
  4. Log in to the room selection portal during your assigned period.
  5. Browse through the available rooms and select your preferred option.
  6. Confirm your selection and complete any additional steps or documentation required.

By following these steps and staying informed throughout the room selection process, you’ll have the opportunity to secure a living space that meets your needs and preferences at Central Washington University.

Benefits of the CWU Room Selection Process Benefits of the CWU Room Selection Process
Ability to self-select rooms Efficient and user-friendly online portal
Opportunity to choose specific roommates Convenient access to floor plans and room details
Prioritized selection for returning students Clear instructions and deadlines provided
Flexible options to suit individual preferences Supportive staff available to assist with the process

Make the most of the room selection process at Central Washington University to secure your ideal living space on campus. Whether you choose to live with friends or explore new living arrangements, the selection process ensures you have the opportunity to create a comfortable and supportive home away from home.


Exploring the housing options at Central Washington University (CWU) is an important step for both new and returning students. CWU offers a supportive and inclusive environment for students to thrive academically and socially, whether they choose on-campus or off-campus housing.

By taking advantage of the various resources and services available, students can enhance their housing experience and make it enjoyable and memorable. CWU provides dedicated residence hall staff who are there to support and assist students throughout their stay. Additionally, students can participate in Living Learning Communities to connect with others who share similar interests and goals.

Whether you prefer the convenience and community atmosphere of on-campus living or the independence and flexibility of off-campus options, CWU has something to cater to your needs. With a range of housing facilities, housing application deadlines, and important dates, it’s crucial to stay informed and take action accordingly. By familiarizing yourself with the specific policies and requirements, you can ensure a successful housing experience at CWU.



What housing options are available at Central Washington University (CWU)?

CWU offers both on-campus and off-campus housing options for students.

What are the on-campus housing options at Central Washington University?

CWU provides residence halls where students can live and engage with their peers.

Can I view photos and learn about the amenities and rates of the residence halls?

Yes, you can explore the various residence halls and find information about their amenities and rates.

Are there off-campus housing options near Central Washington University?

Yes, CWU offers affordable off-campus housing options in close proximity to the university.

How do I apply for housing at Central Washington University?

To apply for housing, you must first accept an offer of admission and complete your housing application through the MyHousing portal.

Are there any living communities available at CWU?

Yes, CWU offers Living Learning Communities (LLCs) where students can connect with others who share similar interests and goals.

Is there a dedicated staff to support students in the residence halls?

Yes, each residence hall has Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs), Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs), and Resident Assistants (RAs) who are available to assist students.

What are the housing policies and requirements at Central Washington University?

CWU has specific policies and requirements for student housing, and it is important for students to familiarize themselves with them.

What are the housing application deadlines and important dates at CWU?

CWU has specific deadlines and important dates for housing applications, and it is important to stay informed and submit your application within the designated timeframe.

What housing resources and services are available at Central Washington University?

CWU provides various resources and services including maintenance assistance, Residence Hall Association (RHA) for community engagement, dining services, on-campus internet connectivity, and financial aid assistance for housing-related expenses.

Is there specific housing information for students starting in Winter Quarter?

Yes, CWU offers on-campus housing options specifically for Winter Quarter, and the application process opens in advance.

How does the room selection process work at Central Washington University?

Returning students can self-select their rooms during the priority selection period, and incoming students can also participate in the room selection process.

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